Wood is an ecological material

Wood is a renewable resource, and Finnish forestry takes the principles of sustainable development into account so that future generations can also enjoy the Finnish forests. Ecological thinking is an important part of modern day building. The use of wood as a building material supports global sustainable development. Wood is a natural building material that can be used to replace many other materials. Wood absorbs carbon dioxide in the nature, and the CO2 is stored in the wood for the entire life cycle of the product. Carbon is freed just in at the end of the product’s life cycle by burning or natural decay. The carbon footprint of wood refinement is smaller than the production of concrete, for example.

Sustainable development

The well-being of nature and people is important to us, and that’s why AA-Puu respects the principles of sustainable development in its operations. All the raw materials we use come from suppliers that practice sustainable forestry. As an indication of this, all our suppliers have the PEFC certificate. The byproducts of our production are used in the production of wood pellets, which takes place in Kuhmo, so the logistics emissions and costs for byproducts can be avoided.