Kuhmon AA-Puu Oy

Quality timber products for construction since 1997

Kuhmon AA-Puu Oy

Quality timber products for construction since 1997

Kuhmon AA-Puu Oy

Quality timber products for construction since 1997


Kuhmon AA-Puu Ltd has produced benefits to its customers since 1997. We strongly believe in the possibilities of wood, and want to support and develop Finnish wood building by offering our customers solutions for different segments of building. From the very beginning AA-Puu has improved the wood refinement skills in the Kainuu region. AA-Puu specializes in producing planed timber. New innovative solutions and long-spanlong term developments have given our customers exceptional benefits throughout the history of our company.

Our location in Kuhmo makes the availability of outstanding raw materials from Kainuu possible. The main customers of AA-Puu are domestic wholesalers and house factories.

Our production is designed to meet the demands of modern customers. Outstanding professional skills with modern production technology ensure flexible and first class customer service. We highly value constructive and long-term cooperation when building customer relations.

The development project: EURA2014
Project code: A71499
Internationalization of the company's operations; development of production for export and key personnel to receive support for the project.



The basis of our production is the customers’ need for quality products with skillful and flexible customer service. Our wide variety of products consists of different types of profiles used in both exterior and interior building. Please contact our sales personnel for further enquiries about our products and different solutions.

Exterior products

A wide variety of quality AA-Puu exterior claddings are available. Our collection is comprised of the exterior cladding profiles commonly used in Finland. The products are available in natural finish as well as base or surface coated. We can treat our products to meet Finnish fire protection standards for wooden structures. Exterior products are made with fine sawn or fine brushed surfaces as per the customer’s request.

Other products

Our collection of products also includes floor planks, raw tongue and groove planks, profiled slats, log panels, smooth planed products and many more. We also produce special products for our customers. Please ask our sales personnel for more information.



Wood as a building material is a durable, natural, ecological and a beautiful solution. The strength features of wood when compared with its light weight are superior to any other building material. Wood is also a versatile material, because it can be used in old fashioned structures as well as in modern designs.

With wood you can create diverse structures, and it gives a unique appearance to a building. AA-Puu uses strictly selected, hard and thick raw materials from the forests of Northern Finland. We demand good quality from our raw materials so we can ensure a quality end product. All our raw material suppliers have been given the PEFC certificate as an indication of sustainable forestry.

Sustainable development

Wood is an ecological material
Wood is a renewable resource, and Finnish forestry takes the principles of sustainable development into account so that future generations can also enjoy the Finnish forests. Ecological thinking is an important part of modern day building. The use of wood as a building material supports global sustainable development. Wood is a natural building material that can be used to replace many other materials. Wood absorbs carbon dioxide in the nature, and the CO2 is stored in the wood for the entire life cycle of the product. Carbon is freed just in at the end of the product’s life cycle by burning or natural decay. The carbon footprint of wood refinement is smaller than the production of concrete, for example.

Sustainable development
The well-being of nature and people is important to us, and that’s why AA-Puu respects the principles of sustainable development in its operations. All the raw materials we use come from suppliers that practice sustainable forestry. As an indication of this, all our suppliers have the PEFC certificate. The byproducts of our production are used in the production of wood pellets, which takes place in Kuhmo, so the logistics emissions and costs for byproducts can be avoided.


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